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Our Mission :

To preserve Egypt Ethnic's craft and promote it to export sale.


Our Vision :

To build a successful and achieving a strongest position as the largest Export company for Egyptian handmade crafts.

AM International Trade   is exporting Egyptian handcrafted products made by a team of professional talented artists who create , designs exclusive collection of home furnishing items as per the latest fashion trends. Our offered assortment is beautifully designed and fabricated using premium quality raw material and latest technology that assure their excellent finish and durability.
The Egyptians developed processes for making fine wool, linen and cotton fabric, and discovered methods for dying these fabrics in order to create fine works of art. Their art preserved their history and religion and gives us an insight into their way of life and the things that were important to them.
AM International Trade   offers a wide range of handmade home furnishing items as patchwork made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, kilim , crochet ,Tally art embroidered shawls with silver thread from upper Egypt,cotton scarfs & shawls, cotton bed spreads and table cloth, embroidered products with coloured threads, and wooden products.
  AM International Trade   has an exhaustive product range suitable for Home, Hotels, gift shops, We are aware of the high standards of quality that is expected in the international markets.Owing to our ethical business policies and practices, we have acquired an excellent market reputation in this industry. We have established a good relationship with domestic and foreign customers, and we have developed strong business networks in numerous major cities in the world.
 AM International Trade   can also deliver customized designs as per the specification of the buyers. The company has maintained its distinct advantage in offering its customers the premium quality products in minimum delivery time.We pride ourselves on being able to offer an efficient and reliable service, This approach of ours works well and we are able to retain our existing clients on a long term basis.
 AM International Trade   is a member of Entrepreneurs Business Forum (EBF) and Development of Business Women Export Abilities Association (DBWEAA). Further for expanding our presence in the global markets as well as to expand our knowledge base.
AM International Trade  regularly participate in the various Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

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