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We have created a niche for ourselves in the weaving industries which create high quality carpets.

Our Wool Kilims are known to provide the most ethnic look to your homes and the areas where you install them. Our vast arrays of products under this category are Traditional Kilims, Floral Kilims . We use the most authentic weaving machines to manufacture our products so that we can maintain the products’ traditional look. We are blessed with a strong team of handicraft artists who are also designers who give us brilliant ideas to constantly improve our performance.

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of handmade Kilims that are very popular for their perfectly geometrical patterns. These patterned kilims provide uniformity in the area you want to place it. These can be used for beautifying your bedroom, office or living area as per your choice. Our clients can avail these products in a variety of patterns that are a showcase of the art and culture of the Egyptians . We have a bunch of talented artists who are professionals in this art form since ages.

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Tally Art is the link of beauty, utility, hobby and life December 11, 2013

Tally  is a folk art comes from the sources of ancient culture through thousands of years, connected to its tradition, habits, and ideals. It is a special form of embroidery made with silver or gold threads. The artisan makes one stitch at a time, then cuts the thread off and moves to the next stitch. This … Continue reading Tally Art is the link of beauty, utility, hobby and life

Patchwork ( khayameya) between the past and future December 11, 2013

Patchwork ( Khayameya )  craft is a unique art, which started in the Pharaohic era and flourished after the Islamic conquest. Khayameya is a fine decorative textile, famous for its durability as it is made of thick Tiel “Kenaf” cloth. Egyptians used Khayameya in the past to create shelter tents, which protected them from the sun … Continue reading Patchwork ( khayameya) between the past and future

wool kilim and the role of woman December 11, 2013

The beautiful works of  kilim, Rugs, Carpets & Tapestry  hand loom products are attributed to the Egyptian women. Many of the girls and housewives of the countryside produce these beautiful and colorful rugs, carpets and tapestry. They produce them through instinct and creativity which was passed along from mother to daughter through thousands of years … Continue reading wool kilim and the role of woman